The quick 1-2 to getting set up with Webacy protection ASAP.

Level up your crypto game with an extra layer of security. Take 60 seconds to set these Webacy services up now. Your future self will thank you.

1. Wallet Watch

Webacy Wallet Watch is the industry's leading wallet monitoring and notification service.

Be notified of all inbound and outbound activity in and around your wallets and assets. Join hundreds of thousands of users leveraging Wallet Watch, transacting 2mm+ times per month, with over 1B+ in combined assets under protection.

To set up Wallet Watch:

That's it! You'll start receiving notifications immediately for all activity in and around your wallets. You can track additional wallets or adjust notification settings directly on the Webacy Dashboard.

You can monitor unlimited wallets with Webacy Pro.

2. Wallet Risk Analysis (Health Check)

How is the overall risk profile of your wallet today?

Over time, the risk vectors of our wallets and assets change. Open approvals, behavioral history, tokens airdropped into our wallets... all are factors in the overall safety of our crypto.

  • enter your wallet address or ENS/UNS

  • review your report and take action on any immediate items. connect wallet to view a more in-depth report.

Check back regularly to review and research your on-chain activity to keep your wallet and assets safe.

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