Welcome to Webacy

Looking for a safer Web3? You've come to the right place.

Webacy is the safety and security layer for consumers - enabling users to assess their risk, monitor their assets, and act in case of emergency - and empowering companies to mitigate risk by actively monitoring their contracts, vetting their users, and protecting their brand.

Enter the future of digital assets.

Webacy Safety Suite

The Webacy Safety Suite is a collection of tools for consumers to stay safe in Web3.

They can be accessed directly from the Webacy Dapp.

Explore the products in this guide.

APIs for Embedded Security

Webacy's APIs integrates with other companies through our multipurpose APIs. We can integrate in wallets, dapps, exchanges, and virtually anywhere else, to bring enhanced risk mitigation tools to your company and end-users.

Explore the APIs in this guide, and reach out to us directly if you'd like access.

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