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Welcome to Webacy

Looking for a safer Web3? You've come to the right place.
Compatible with any wallet, Webacy helps you safely navigate the blockchain from start to finish.
Webacy is a security suite of non-custodial, no-access (meaning that Webacy does not have control over or access to your private keys or assets, and you have complete control over your funds) services built to improve safety on the blockchain.
Enter the future of digital asset management and transparency.

Assess, Monitor, Act.

Webacy provides safety services the blockchain has never seen before.
Our services help you Assess risk, Monitor assets, and Act in case of emergency. Get set up with our easy-to-use tools like Backup Wallet, Panic Button, and Wallet Notifications to ensure your wallet is protected.
Let's dive in.

Get Started

Below are guides to get setup with our products. Start with Wallet Watch:
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