Dapp and Social Integration Guide

This guide describes how to integrate Webacy APIs into your dapp or social platform. We'll highlight where dapps get the most benefit from Webacy and share the tools that make integration fast & easy.

Where to Integrate Webacy

Here are three common places to integrate Webacy to get the most benefit:

  1. Next to a connected wallet

  2. Your profile pages

  3. Your interaction screens

Let's see what each of these might look like.

1) Safety of Connected Wallets

At a baseline, your application should restrict sanctioned and dangerous wallets from accessing it. This is to protect the company and your team. Webacy APIs are a quick and easy way to make the check when wallets connect to your service.

You can also choose to display the Wallet Safety Score to the user. This provides many benefits:

  • Informing the user of wallet health, ensuring the assets within the wallet stay safe and the user can continue being valuable to your platform

  • Sybil and spam filtering and resistance

  • Additional value to the end-user, as well as interaction with your protocol and platform

  • Differentiation from other platforms

  • A visual indication of your commitment to user safety

2) Your profile pages

In the pseudo-anonymous blockchain world, you want to know the addresses you're interacting with are safe. You may also want to add additional value to your profile pages on social platforms.

3) Your interaction screens

Whether it is a transaction, a swap, a trade, or whatever your dapp enables for users, make sure the users are interacting with safe addresses in the ecosystem. This keeps your platform safe, as well as protects your end-users.


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