Wallet Watch

Monitor everything, everywhere, all at once.

Want Peace of Mind?

You monitor your locks at home, your credit card charges, and even your physical wallet. What about your digital assets?

Wallet Watch notifies you of any inbound, outbound, or interaction taking place in and around your wallet. Notice something suss? With Webacy, you can act fast in case of an emergency.

Set up SMS and/or Email notifications to receive real-time alerts when any transaction occurs within your wallet(s) - wherever you are. Welcome to peace of mind.

In the event that a transaction alert is deemed malicious, you can activate Webacy's Panic Button and immediately evacuate your assets into a safe and separate Backup Wallet.

Signing up for Wallet Watch

  1. Go to dapp.webacy.com and click “Connect Wallet”

  2. Select your wallet provider (ex: MetaMask, Coinbase, Ledger etc.)

  3. Click “Sign” on the prompt in your wallet. This signature is necessary to read the wallet address on-chain and prove ownership of the wallet (like when you connect your wallet to OpenSea!). There are no approvals or transactions associated with the signature.

  4. On the dashboard, select the Wallet Watch” tab

  5. Enter your email and/or phone number and clickVerify.” When configuring either your phone number or email, you’ll need to verify through 2FA (2-Factor Authentication) to prove ownership of the account. You will have to enter this code to complete the setup. Note: we only support sms notifications for the US and Canada at this time.

  6. Once you enter an email and/or phone number, make sure the toggles are switched “on” for the notification types you’d like to receive. “Weekly Approvals” is a weekly email summary of the approvals associated with your wallet. “Realtime Alerts” will send you live alerts (via sms or email) of any incoming or outgoing interactions with your wallet, with less than a 60 second delay.

  7. Click “Finish” to confirm your settings. It may take a few seconds to finalize your settings, so don’t exit out of the browser until you get to the confirmation screen.

  8. You can add wallets and change your settings any time from the Wallet Watch tab on the dashboard.

  9. And that's it! You're now monitoring your assets with Webacy.

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