Panic Button

A one-click transfer of all of your protected assets to your Backup Wallet in the event that:

  • You suspect a vulnerability in your wallet 🙃

  • You receive a phishy-looking airdrop 🎣

  • You detect a suspect transaction 🕵️

  • Your wallet gets outright hacked 💰

Hit the Panic Button to instantly evacuate all of your protected assets to a safe place (i.e. a Backup Wallet of your choosing). The Panic Button connects seamlessly to our Backup Wallet product, allowing you to secure your remaining assets with a click of a button.

Using the Panic Button

  1. In the event you need to activate the panic button to transfer your assets to your backup wallet, you can do so from the:

    1. Webacy Dashboard

    2. Security Hub

    3. If you have more than one Backup Wallet set up, you'll need to select which Backup Wallet to Panic to and pay the gas fee for the transaction. It is recommended to use the highest gas option possible for the highest chance of success.

    4. Once you activate the Panic Button, all of your protected assets will be bulk-transferred to your Backup Wallet. It is recommended to no longer utilize the original compromised wallet after executing the Panic Button.

Note: When the Panic Button is executed, there will be a 1% fee on fungible (ERC-20) tokens sent through the transfer.

See Panic Button in action.

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