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What is Webacy?

Webacy is the application-layer safety platform that helps wallets & applications protect their users against scams, hacks, and mistakes across the blockchain.

Wallets, protocols, & applications use Webacy throughout their user experience:

Address trust and safety

  1. Assess the safety of interacting with a given address (any address: EOA, smart contract, token, etc.). Screen for blacklists, sanctioned addresses, malicious behavior, and other potential flags

  2. Analyze smart contract code in real-time

  3. Filter spam and sybil addresses

Connected wallets

  1. Block sanctioned addresses and wallets involved in malicious behavior

  2. Educate users with a Wallet Safety Score

  3. Delight users by enabling additional features or providing additional value

  4. Display open approvals and the risk associated

Before a transaction

  1. Block harmful dapps and links

  2. Review address trust and safety prior to signature

  3. Protect users from interacting with malicious smart contracts

Monitoring and Notifications

  1. Monitor all on-chain activity associated with your protocol or smart contracts

  2. Enable wallet monitoring and flag for risky transactions

  3. Proactively notify users (or be notified) of any potentially risk activity involved with a given address

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Get Support from the Webacy team

If you need support integrating with Webacy, please contact We offer 1:1 Slack & Telegram support.

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