Secure yourself(custody) today.

The Webacy Safety Suite offers 3 pricing tiers so that everyone can utilize our product suite.

Free Tier

Available for a single wallet.

You'll have access to a limited version of Risk Score, Wallet Watch, and some other features on the Webacy dashboard.

Sign up here for Wallet Watch to get real-time notifications of all wallet activity.

Webacy Pro

For those looking to up their safety game, Webacy Pro grants you access to wallet watch, panic button, backup wallet, and crypto will for an unlimited number of wallets. Click here to connect your wallet and get started.

You can access the subscription page here.

Paying with Crypto

We’ve partnered with Unlock Protocol and Coinbase Commerce to enable paying for Webacy Pro with crypto.

If you want an NFT in exchange for your subscription, choose the Unlock Protocol option.

If you want more flexibility in the tokens you can pay with, pay through Coinbase Pay.

Paying with Fiat

Webacy uses Stripe to issue credit card payments for Webacy Pro subscriptions. Should you elect the fiat payment option, you will be directed to a Stripe payment page where you can input your credit card payment information and start your subscription.

Webacy Ultra

Webacy Ultra is the ultimate subscription for the extra-secure. You'll get hands-on assistance from the Webacy team, access to our advanced features like Crypto Will, and so much more.

Interested in learning more? Schedule a call.

Webacy Pro

For users who want to leverage the full power of Webacy's Safety Suite. Check out the video below for an overview of the power you'll have at your fingertips.

You can sign up for Webacy Pro here:

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