API Overview

Welcome to Webacy's Multi-Purpose Safety API!

The Webacy APIs are REST based APIs that expose your platform to Webacy's Risk Engine and our Wallet Watch Notifications Platform.

With over 15+ data providers, along with our own data analytics and algorithms, we have the broadest risk coverage across the blockchain ecosystem. From compliance and regulatory data, to social engineering scams and crowdsourced reports, we process millions of monthly signals, updating our models with the latest and most up-to-date information.

For detailed technical documentation, and to begin testing the APIs directly, visit our technical documentation.

We also have a proprietary dictionary of all flags that can be returned in our API responses. Companies can utilize this to trigger actions based on certain flags.

Threat Risks API

This API indicates if a given address is a risk or a threat to others.

It returns risk data associated with the supplied address. It flags if the address appears in any sanctioned databases, has been historically flagged as malicious, associated with a scam smart contract, and so on. It also includes filtering for spam / sybil signals.

Some common use cases for this endpoint include:

  • Filtering addresses for spam

  • Blocking high risk addresses from utilizing your service

  • Presenting high risk addresses to others as potentially risky to interact with

  • Protecting your platform by restricting high risk addresses

  • Much more!

Approval Risks API

This API returns a list of approvals for a given address, and the associated risk of the spender of that approval. Approvals are commonplace in crypto - now you know which ones put you at risk. Check out your own open approvals here.

If you're a wallet interested in native revoke and approval risk scoring, reach out to us.

Transaction Risks API

This API returns risk data for a given transaction. Pass in any transaction hash, and the API will return a risk score result that incorporates counterparty EOA risk profiles, address risk, involved asset smart contract risk, and more.

Some common use cases for this endpoint include:

  • Understanding historical behavior of an address

  • Providing data to give recommendations about on-chain activity

  • Gaining insight on a particular transaction or action

  • Flagging previously unknown activity that was potentially risk

  • And more!

Exposure Risk API

The original Webacy Safety Score, this API returns a 'risk profile' or 'exposure risk' of a given address.

This indicates the exposure the address has to risky activity through historical transactions, behavior, and owned assets. This endpoint DOES NOT assess whether the supplied address is a risk to others (Threat Risk). It instead assesses whether the supplied address is AT RISK from others.

Some common use cases for this endpoint include:

  • Gaining a holistic understanding of a client or personal wallet

  • Enabling recommendations and analysis on past behavior

  • Assessing common traits of a user base

  • Determining types of users to better serve them

  • Triggering warnings to internal teams or external users based on change in risk profile based on ongoing activity

  • Understanding the behavioral activity of a user base

  • And more!

Check out your own risk exposure here.

Contract Risk API

This API returns a contract risk analysis for a given contract address.

The on-demand analysis leverages multiple techniques such as fuzzing, static analysis, and dynamic analysis for real-time smart contract scanning.

Some common use cases for this endpoint include:

  • Scanning contracts before listing them on your site

  • Verifying that you are not promoting malicious contracts

  • Checking a contract before interacting with it

  • Reviewing code as you build

  • Assessing your contracts before submitting for a formal audit process

URL Risk

Given a URL, this endpoint analyzes the safety of it. It helps you determine if a given link is a phishing scam, sending you to a dangerous place, or is otherwise malicious.

Some common use cases for this endpoint include:

  • Assessing the safety of a dapp / website

  • Warning your end-users from interacting with a potentially malicious website

  • Blocking websites

Wallet Watch API

These APIs enable you to register users to Webacy's real-time notification infrastrucutre.

If you're interested in setting up your own private instance with custom messaging and triggers, contact us.

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