Chainabuse Transaction Reports

Webacy recently partnered with Chainabuse to provide transaction reports directly from our Dashboard.

About Chainabuse and our partnership.

Like Webacy, Chainabuse is on a mission to enable a safer web3 for all.

Chainabuse powers the largest multi-chain, reliable, real-time database of crypto scams worldwide. Those scams can be hard to detect simply using analytics and are better detected when reported by experts and victims. Victims of scams can report with Chainabuse and opt-in to get free support.

Webacy users now have an “actions” section on each transaction in Webacy's dashboard, where they can “report a scam” to Chainabuse.

Why report a Scam?

At Webacy, we believe knowledge is power, and helps us Assess, Monitor, and Act against maliciousness.

  • Collectively share information about malicious activities - malicious activities that cannot always be detected programmatically.

  • Provide instant, honest, free support to victims of malicious activity.

  • Empower Law Enforcement to accelerate the fight against malicious crypto activity and the recovery of stolen funds.

  • Enable organizations to protect their users before they get scammed.

How to File a Transaction Report

  1. Go to the Webacy Dashboard and identify the transaction for which you'd like to issue a report.

  2. On the righthand-side of the screen, select the dropdown and select, "Report".

  1. In the popup window, you will be prompted to click the "report a scam" button which will redirect you to Chainabuse's website where you can file a report.

If you have any questions or concerns when reporting a scam, please contact the Chainabuse team.

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