Risk Engine Overview

The secret sauce

Webacy's Risk Engine powers all of our APIs.

With over 15+ data providers, along with our own data analytics and algorithms, we have the broadest coverage across the blockchain ecosystem.

From everything from compliance and regulatory data, to social engineering scams and crowdsourced reports, we process millions of monthly signals, updating our models with the latest and most up-to-date information.

What does this mean for you?

If you're using our APIs, it means you have the broadest and most updated data in the industry.

Rather than a single point of failure from a monosource, we aggregate data from multiple providers, and are adding new sources every day.

Our engine is both AI-powered and also human-refined, ensuring you have the best processing and the most accurate verification.

"I already have a vendor for XYZ"

That's great! We are glad you're taking security seriously. But can they truly cover everything?

While transaction simulation is great, there's a lot more that goes into risk mitigation and security coverage. What kind of active risk do your users have? What transactions are occuring on your platform? What are the smart contracts being interacted with? And if something does happen, what next?

At Webacy, we've designed our systems holistically. Our APIs are useful throughout the transaction lifecycle, and across the Web3 journey.

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